Hair Straightening Super Strong

Step 1.

  • A series of hair straighteners for frizzy hair that is difficult to straighten.


The Process of Using Hair Straightening:

  1. Hair analysis to determine the type and condition of hair and determine the product to be used in accordance with the type and condition of the consumer’s hair..
  2. Wash hair using Good Pre Process Shampoo or Shampoo non Conditioner good quality to clean hair.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of Good Hair Straightening Cream – Super Strong until the hair is covered by it evenly starting from 1 cm of the hair root up to the end of the hair. Try to get it done in maximum 20 minutes, then leave it for 10-15 minutes for the initial preparation.
  4. If the hair is felt ready for the smoothing, then leave the hair back for 5 minutes. Smoothing is done by clamping 2 fingers of the hand from top to bottom and must pass through the end of the hair. Smoothing layer by layer until hair straight. Let stand for about 5 minutes for step 1 to pervade perfectly as the final preparation process.
  5. Rinse hair with clean water without using shampoo and conditioner until the hair is completely clean from cream step 1. Then dry the hair until it reaches 80% dryness level.
  6. Use a good quality catok. High and low temperature catok adjusted to the type and condition of hair.
  7. Apply Good Neutralizer Cream to taste until the hair is covered by cream evenly, let stand for a minimum of 20 minutes. The amount of Good Neutralizer Cream used is similar to the use of Good Hair Straightening & amp; Waving Cream.
  8. Rinse hair with clean water until completely clean then use good quality conditioner to protect hair and replace the missing hair nutrition during the alignment process, then rinse again until clean and dry.
  9. Repeat catok with medium temperatures. This catok as a styling to end a series of hair straightening process.


  • Tersedia dalam kemasan 250g dan 600g