Bye Frizz

Bye FRIZZ contains moisturizing agent that can make hair easier to comb. It makes hair looks fresh, soft, strong and luminous.

  • Easing the hair styling process and reducing the risk of hair loss when combed. As well as helping to prevent hair color changes from the effect of hairstyling
  • Moisturizing agent works on the outside of the hair and seeps up to the core of the hair.
  • Bye Frizz is effective to help treating the hair after 3 days of straightening process


How to use:

  1. Spray Bye Frizz before using Straightening Cream Step 1 or during the settlement process of Hair Straightening
  2. Bye Frizz can be used every day
  3. Spray it to the wet and clean hair to make it easier to comb
  4. If exposed to the eyes, rinse immediately with running water


  • Available in pack 120 ml and 245 ml
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